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Carciofi​​ alla Romana

Seasoned artichokes
roman style

(2 pieces)


Cicoria saltata in padella

Sautèed chicory with garlic, olive
oil and chili pepper

7 €

Supplì "de Roma"(1,4)

Deep-fried arancini (riceballs)
with ragout and mozzarella
(1 pieces)

3,5 €

Carciofo alla giudea(1,2,4)

Hearth of artichoke fried
with fine
ly sliced potatoes
(2 pieces)




Fiori di zucca(1,2,3,4) 

Zucchini flowers in batter,
stuffed with bufala mozzarella
and anchovies
(2 pieces)

8 €

Fritto di "Trimalcione"(1,2,3,4)

(min. 2 pax)

A selection of deep-fried
roman delicacies

12 € per person


During their long journeys with the flock, the shepherds would pack provisions, including pecorino cheese, black pepper, and dried spaghetti, to combat the harsh cold and prolonged time away from home. To us romans, cacio e pepe is as emblematic as the grandeur of the colosseum.

Cacio e pepe(1,2,4)

Homemade pasta with
pecorino cheese and 
lots of pepper

16 € 

Cacio e pepe "alla Marcello"(1,2,4)

Classic tonnarello
with cacio and pepper
with lemon peel

16 €

Cacio e pepe con Pachino (1,2,4) 


Homemade pasta with pecorino
cheese, lots of pepper
and P
achino red tomatoes

16 €

 Cacio e pepe con carciofo alla giudea(1,2,4) 


Homemade pasta with pecorino
cheese, lots of pepper
and heart of artichoke fried

18 €


Sua maestà la carbonara(1,2,4)

Spaghetti cooked with egg,
roman bacon, pepper
and pecorino cheese (no cream) 

15 €


Rigatone pasta with roman bacon,
pepper and pecorino cheese
(no tomato)

15 €


Bucatini pasta with roman bacon,
pecorino cheese and tomato

15 €

Gricia con porcini (1,4)

Rigatone pasta with roman bacon,
pepper, pe
corino cheese
and porcini mushroom
18 €

Fettuccine pomodoro
e ba

Fettuccine pasta with
fresh tomato and basil 

14 €

Fettuccine al ragù(1,2,6)

Fettuccine pasta
with ragu sauce

Main courses


 Every day we offer a selection
of seconds of our tradition. Typical roman dishes
with quality of raw materials,
chosen by our chef and cooked to perfection,
with the same care and passion that our roman
grandmothers put into.



Coda alla vaccinara (6)

Oxtail cooked in tomato,
carrot and bay leaves 

22 €


Baccalà alla romana (3,5,6)​​

Cod fillet with tomatoes
with caper
s and olives


Rigatoni al sugo di coda (5,6)

Special rigatoni pasta with

ox-tail sauce

18 €

Trippa alla romana(4,6)

Tripe with fresh tomato sauce,
roman mint and
roman pecorino cheese 

16 €

Abbacchio allo scottadito

Grilled lamb chops with
roasted potatoes

24 €

Fettuccine al ragù di abbacchio (1,6)

Special pasta fettuccine

homemade with

lamb ragù


DESSERT and Fruits

It's not any dessert that can
please the palate...
... if it is not told.

 Tiramiù del vecchio ponte(1,2,4)

9 €

Lemon sorbet(2,4)

6 €

Panna cotta(1,2,4,5)
With vanilla or berries

7 €

House dessert(1,2,4,5)

8 €


1. cereals and gluten

2. eggs and derivatives

3. fish and derivatives

4. milk and derivatives

5. nuts

6. vegeterian

7. mustard

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